Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters quickly became one of the most noteworthy coffee roasters in the country. It’s been far too long for me to try them out, but today marks their Noteworthy debut!

Colombia is one of the most well-loved and diverse coffee producing countries in the world. The Andes mountains split the country into many regions, each with its own particular terroir and micro-climate.

The fine folks at Cafe Imports seek out coffees that show the best of these regions and highlight the work of many small holding farmers, most who own just under four acres of land.

When their coffees exhibit exceptional quality and quintessential characteristics of the region, Cafe Imports includes them in regional lots and pays the farmer additional premiums for their efforts.

The team at Oddly Correct then sifts through those lots to find the most vibrant and delicious coffee to represent the region to you. This lot from Huila in southern Colombia definitely fits that description.


region: Huila, Colombia
farm: N/A
producer: N/A
association:  N/A
elevation: 1200 – 2100
 meters above sea level
cultivars: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
process: fully washed, patio dried


Some naturally processed Ethiopian coffees act as big blueberry bombs that explode in your kitchen as soon as you tear open the packaging. Others can be smell and taste fermented and vinegary. That is not the case with this coffee. The aroma of this coffee is fine and elegant – perfumed, even. There is a dark berry note here, and it is accompanied with black tea and purple flower aromatics.

The coffee is just as elegant in the mug. It’s medium-bodied with a smooth, silky mouthfeel and mild stone fruit acidity. It’s floral-forward, coming out of the gates with a bouquet of lilac, lavender, and Earl Grey tea, all riding on top of a base of dark chocolate. As the coffee cools, the berry notes from the aroma present as elderberry liqueur and I’m also getting flavors of plum, which rides out through a moderately dry finish.


All of the flavors that Jones was looking for in the first 1616 Collaboration Series release came through in this coffee. This was a rich, elegant, sophisticated coffee that showcases how unique Ethiopian coffees are – even from one another.

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