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    Canary Coffee Bar Takes Flight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Colin and Emily Whitcomb opened the doors of Canary Coffee Bar to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin public in late August 2019. Located in Milwaukee’s downtown area, the Whitcombs built out Canary Coffee inside the lobby of the historic Hotel Wisconsin. The Hotel Wisconsin – built in 1913 – was a fixture in Milwaukee for decades before languishing into a residential-hotel. In 2003 it was converted to apartments. The Whitcombs loved the space and wanted to honor its history, so there are many nods to that throughout the shop; from its retro tile floors to its aluminum ceiling and

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    3FE (Third Floor Espresso) // Dublin, Ireland

    It’s hard to imagine a world in which Colin Harmon—world-renown barista and owner/founder of 3FE (Third Floor Espresso) in Dublin, Ireland—and Drew Moody—guy who is famous among three or four people for drinking coffee and writing about it—would be featured in a magazine for baristas called Barista Magazine together. But, guess what—that happened. It’s even harder to imagine a world in which both Colin Harmon and Drew Moody would be in the same city, in the same cafe, on the same day, at the same time, reading that very publication… Well, that didn’t happen. However, I did visit