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    Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters // Guatemala Santa Felisa Purple Gesha

    bean bean coffee santa felisa purple gesha

    Ever since featuring Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters in my roundup of noteworthy woman owned coffee roasters, their Guatemala Santa Felisa Purple Gesha has been popping up all over my Instagram feed. There have been several high-profile coffee influencers who’ve loved this coffee and, I must admit, I was definitely influenced into buying this one (which is saying something considering it was $36 for six ounces – that’s money I never spend on myself). But the story of Santa Felisa inspired me to crack open my wallet. This coffee is a limited run for Bean & Bean,

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    RAKO Coffee Roasters // Ethiopia Luleesa Limu

    I featured RAKO Coffee (more accurately RĀKO Coffee Roasters) in my recent feature, 13 Woman Owned Coffee Roasters in the United States. RAKO Coffee was founded in April 2020 by sisters Lisa and Melissa Gerben. The Gerbens operate RĀKO with their focus on environmentally friendly roasting and sustainably sourced single origin coffees. In fact, a portion of each coffee sale supports the coffee country of origin’s International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Chapter. I was so taken with their mission that I decided to buy one of their coffees to show some support: their Ethiopia Luleesa Limu. This

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    Folkcity Coffee // Nicaragua La Fuente

    Folkcity Coffee makes their Noteworthy debut today with a selection from Sabino and Maria Jesus, a husband and wife team that grows coffee and vegetables at the highest altitudes in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua. Their farm is La Fuente.  La Fuente is a second generation farm where modern coffee production meets old-world charm. If you were to visit, you might see Sabino still using two oxen to pull a cart or plow a field before planting. He continues the tradition of his late father, Don Jose, whose farm boasts excellent altitude and climatological conditions for coffee

  • conscious cup coffee costa rica finca sabanilla
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    Conscious Cup Coffee Roasters // Costa Rica Finca Sabanilla

    When Oscar Chacon inherited generations-old land from his late father at age 18, he didn’t expect that one day he and his wife would become some of the most cutting-edge producers in Costa Rican specialty coffee. He was simply interested in maintaining the legacy passed through his family since 1840. His wife, Francisca, also came from a long line of cafecultores, and after the birth of their first child she left her government job to focus on building a boutique milling and microlot project to differentiate their coffees. An earthquake struck Costa Rica in 2008, knocking out electricity and access to

  • oddly correct colombia la lampara
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    Oddly Correct // Colombia La Lampara

    Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters quickly became one of the most noteworthy coffee roasters in the country. It’s been far too long for me to try them out, but today marks their Noteworthy debut! Colombia is one of the most well-loved and diverse coffee producing countries in the world. The Andes mountains split the country into many regions, each with its own particular terroir and micro-climate. The fine folks at Cafe Imports seek out coffees that show the best of these regions and highlight the work of many small holding farmers, most who own

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    Onyx Coffee Lab // Public Label: Cxffeeblack

    Africa is my descentAnd here I am far from homeI dwell within a land that is meantFor many men not my tone”Africa,” by D’Angelo “Love Black people like you love black cxffee.” This is the mantra of Cxffeeblack – a Memphis-based venture that was launched by Bartholomew Jones and Renata Henderson. Cxffeeblack is a social enterprise that seeks to reintroduce the black history of coffee into black communities and help reimagine its black future by using revenue generated from apparel, music, events, consulting work, and collaborations to invest in their community; providing opportunities for people

  • iyenga tanzania
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    Rabbit Hole Roasters // Iyenga Tanzania

    slept all night in the cedar grove,i was born to ramble, born to rove,some men are searchin’ for the holy grail,but there ain’t nothin’ sweeterthan ridin’ the rails””Cold Water,” by Tom Waits Rabbit Hole Roasters’s Iyenga Tanzania comes from the Iyenga Cooperative, near the town of Mbozi in the region of Mbeya. The cooperative was established in 2003, with a membership of 64 farmers, and it has since grown to 193 members. Most members’ farms are between 0.5 and 1.5 hectares, and most are intercropped with bananas, beans and maize, though coffee production is

  • rabbit hole roasters nicaragua la bendicion
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    Rabbit Hole Roasters // Nicaragua La Bendicion

    The little girl just could not sleep because her thoughts were way too deepher mind had gone out for a stroll and fallen d o w n the rabbit hole.Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll Rabbit Hole Roasters, based just outside Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a relatively new company, launched in the past couple years. But they roast some of the best coffee you’ll find in Canada, and are starting to garner a lot of