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This coffee is produced by La Cooperativa de Salgar, founded July 15, 1965 with just 34 members. Today, the cooperative is made up of over 2,800 small holder farmers from the southwest of Antioquia and is the second-largest cooperative in the state. The cooperative has been buying coffee in the region for more than 50 years and recently won the Antioquia Department equivalent of the Cup of Excellence for one of their coffees.

The coffee is harvested by hand and fully washed. The parchment is then laid out to dry in the coffee hills where the best beans are separated from the regular and off-grades to ensure a superb cup.

Welcome to my Table, here in the corner of this cafe. Today we’re sipping the Colombia Medellin Excelso, from Bodka Coffee Company in Emelle, Alabama. Feel free to pull up a chair.


region: Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia
farm: N/A
producer: smallholder farmers
association: La Cooperativa de Salgar
elevation: 1500 – 1600 meters above sea level
cultivars: Bourbon, Typica
process: fully washed, patio dried
certifications: standard


method: Hario V60
grind: 18, Preciso
coffee: 32 g
water: 500 mL
bloom: 1:00
pour: 2:30 concentric pulse pour


The aroma of the Colombia Medellin Excelso is really up front, boldly bursting out of the cup with scents of dark chocolate, burnt cedar, orange juice, carbon, and roasted nuts.

Taking my first few sips of the cup immediately post-brew my palate is greeted by a harsh coffee that is pretty over-roasted. There are hints and nuances of sweetness (dusty cocoa powder and milk chocolate, hazelnut, raisin, and a very lightly sweet orange juice acidity), but they are overpowered by the heavy flavors of earthiness, oak barrel, copper, carbon, and roast.

Full body; winy mouthfeel; citrus acidity; dry finish.


It’s unfortunate, but my time spent with Bodka Coffee Company ended in lackluster fashion with their Colombia Medellin Excelso. The coffee wasn’t roasted into oblivion, but it was definitely overdone enough that it made for an unpleasant cupping experience.

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