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    Women Owned Breweries That Are Making Craft Beer More Inclusive

    Craft beer is a male-dominated whitewashed industry. These women owned breweries are out to prove that beer is much more inclusive. Think about the last time you were in a craft brewery taproom. Who served your beer? Who brewed your beer? Who owns the brewery? The chances are pretty likely that your bartender was a white guy. And there’s an even higher likelihood that the fella who brewed it was a white guy. And it’s a near certainty that the person or persons who own the brewery are white guys. After all, according to a 2014 Stanford

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    Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters // Guatemala Santa Felisa Purple Gesha

    Ever since featuring Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters in my roundup of noteworthy woman owned coffee roasters, their Guatemala Santa Felisa Purple Gesha has been popping up all over my Instagram feed. There have been several high-profile coffee influencers who’ve loved this coffee and, I must admit, I was definitely influenced into buying this one (which is saying something considering it was $36 for six ounces – that’s money I never spend on myself). But the story of Santa Felisa inspired me to crack open my wallet. This coffee is a limited run for Bean & Bean,

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    RAKO Coffee Roasters // Ethiopia Luleesa Limu

    I featured RAKO Coffee (more accurately RĀKO Coffee Roasters) in my recent feature, 13 Woman Owned Coffee Roasters in the United States. RAKO Coffee was founded in April 2020 by sisters Lisa and Melissa Gerben. The Gerbens operate RĀKO with their focus on environmentally friendly roasting and sustainably sourced single origin coffees. In fact, a portion of each coffee sale supports the coffee country of origin’s International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Chapter. I was so taken with their mission that I decided to buy one of their coffees to show some support: their Ethiopia Luleesa Limu. This

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    How to Create the Perfect At-Home Coffee Bar

    Many can agree that nothing quite beats a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning and with all of the at-home brewing tools available these days there are more ways to go about making a cup of joe than ever. So having a dedicated space to brew and keep your equipment is essential. And while nothing can fully replicate the feeling of stepping into your favorite coffeehouse we’ve reached out to the coffee experts from Sacramento to Miami to help you create the most authentic coffee shop experience possible with the ultimate home coffee bar. Start

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    13 Woman Owned Coffee Roasters in the United States

    March is Women’s History Month here in the United States. For the next few weeks we’re going to be celebrating some noteworthy women in the fields of coffee, spirits, and beer! For today’s post, I’ve collected some of the finest woman owned coffee roasters from across the country. EDITOR’S NOTE: This list is in no way exhaustive or comprehensive. It is just a sliver of the great work women are doing in the specialty coffee industry. I’ve only selected companies that readers can buy from no matter their location. There are many woman owned coffee shops, carts,

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    Folkcity Coffee // Nicaragua La Fuente

    Folkcity Coffee makes their Noteworthy debut today with a selection from Sabino and Maria Jesus, a husband and wife team that grows coffee and vegetables at the highest altitudes in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua. Their farm is La Fuente.  La Fuente is a second generation farm where modern coffee production meets old-world charm. If you were to visit, you might see Sabino still using two oxen to pull a cart or plow a field before planting. He continues the tradition of his late father, Don Jose, whose farm boasts excellent altitude and climatological conditions for coffee

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    Goose Island Beer Company // Kentucky Fog

    Kentucky Fog is the newest addition to Goose Island’s renown Bourbon County Stout lineup. It marks the first time the brewery has used tea in one of their BCS variants. Named after the once-favorite beverage of hipsters everywhere, the London Fog (Earl Grey tea with honey and steamed milk), Kentucky Fog infuses the BCS base stout with clover honey from The Honey House and a combination of cold-brewed Black and Earl Grey teas from Kilogram Tea. “I have been working to blend the flavors of tea and BCS for years. With characteristics like liquorish, molasses and Tobacco,