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Today’s coffee is produced by 3 small Laranjal farm properties in the Pocos de Caldas Region of Mogiana. Pocos de Caldas is a volcanic crater, and these farms are located around the rim of the caldera or crater. These farmers select the best cherry to dry on screens and then the best of those beans are selected to produce top lots such as this.

Situated within the mountainous region of Poços de Caldas, Laranjal Farm has steep topography and a mild climate. The farm was purchased by Sertãozinho Group in October 2007, in order to fulfill its potential to produce the excellent specialty coffee that the area is famous for. This group has had many successful contributions to the Brazil Cup of Excellence.

The farm’s long-standing crops come as a result of a distinctive microclimate which enables them to grow exotic varieties of coffee.

Pulped naturals have had a partial amount of mucilage removed before being dried. The remaining mucilage imparts fruity character to the bean within but to a lesser degree than full naturals which have all the pulp plus skin. Pulped naturals bridge the gap between full naturals and washed coffees generally offering some bright notes combined with fruitiness. In other countries the term ‘honey’ may be used interchangeably.

Welcome to my Table, here in the corner of this cafe. Today we’re sipping the Brazil Laranjal, from Ascension Coffee in Dallas, Texas. Feel free to pull up a chair.


origin: Mogiana, Pocos de Caldas, Brazil
farm: Laranjal Farm
producer: N/A
association: N/A
elevation: 1250 meters above sea level
cultivars: Yellow Bourbon
process: pulped natural
certifications: standard


method: Clever
grind: 20, Preciso
coffee: 32 g
water: 500 mL
bloom: 1:00
pour: 2:00 straight pour, 1:00 steep, :10 stir, 1:00 steep, 1:00 drop


The aroma of this Brazil Laranjal is sweet; very approachable and inviting, with scents of nuts and nuts and nuts and nuts. Oh, and chocolate! But yeah, this is a really nutty aroma.

Taking my first few sips of the cup immediately post-brew, I can already get a pretty good sense of what this coffee is going to be all about. It has a smooth, slick, buttery mouthfeel and it’s characterized by its dominant cocoa powder and roasted nuts flavors.

As it cools off, the coffee brightens a little bit with some juicy fruit flavors that stream down the center of the tongue, but it’s not much as the fruit flavors are rather mellow and mostly concealed by a roast level that is just a touch overdone. Apple, raspberry, blueberry, and a creamy orange juice acidity that nips at the sides and back of the tongue.

Full body; buttery mouthfeel; citrus acidity; dry finish.


If you’re looking for the prototypical Brazilian profile in your next cup of coffee, Ascension Coffee’s Brazil Laranjal is the coffee for you. This coffee simply screams “Brazil!” with its rich, buttery texture and very dominant chocolate and roasted nut flavors.

Ascension’s take on the Laranjal was, admittedly, a little over-roasted, but it had moments (particularly during that brief cooling down window) that were pretty great.

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