Hi, hello. Welcome to Noteworthy – a blog about finding the culture in new and noteworthy beer, books, coffee, music, and spirits. My name is Andrew and I’m the founder of this site.

I began writing about books 12 years ago, when I created the Pulitzer Project – a self-imposed mission to collect and read every single book that had won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

A couple years later, I founded A Table in the Corner of the Cafe – a site dedicated to my journey in (and mostly out of) the specialty coffee industry. I ran that site for eight years before retiring it. I eventually became a freelance writer for publications like Mental Floss and Barista Magazine! I even branched out into craft beer and spirits before calling it quits.

But I was doing all of this writing all over the Internet. There wasn’t a centralized location that featured all of my interests. So in the Summer of 2020, I launched this site – Noteworthy.

Whether writing about flavor notes, liner notes, author’s and editor’s notes, or musical notes, Noteworthy is where you can find a collection of all the beer, books, coffee, music, and spirits that I think are “noteworthy.”

Get it?

I’m glad you’re here. If you’re interested in working together, have questions, comments, or suggestions about the site, or just want to say “hi,” please don’t hesitate to reach out! Head over to the CONTACT page and drop me a line.