Black owned distilleries are few and far in between. Similar to the craft beer industry, there is a big gap between the whiskey industry and Black whiskey consumers. Distillery owners aren’t nearly as diverse as their clientele.

There have been recent efforts to change that, though, with groups like Black Bourbon Society who are bridging the gap through outreach and education, and Black entrepreneurs who are founding distilleries of their own.

Brothers who brought economic opportunities to their hometown. A head chef who experiments with smoke infusion. A brewer that expanded his operations to breathe new life into a historic whiskey center. A successful woman who founded a company that celebrates whiskey’s secret history.

Support these small businesses by clicking on the links and learning more!

Painted Stave Distilling
Whiskey Wright
Greenwood Whiskey
18th Street Distillery
Uncle Nearest Whiskey
Brough Brothers Distillery
Shadow Ridge Spirits
Saint Cloud Bourbon

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